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Welcome at Europa Law Publishing's website. We are an independent legal publisher specialising in European law, international public law and environmental law.

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  • The Model Rules on EU Administrative Procedures: Adjucation

    The Model Rules on EU Administrative Procedures: Adjucation

    Matthias Ruffert € 62,-

    This book considers the proposal for codification, the Model Rules of the Research Network on European Administrative Law (ReNEUAL). It analysed the Third Book of the Model Rules on single administrative decisions in particular.

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  • Omgevingsrecht (5e druk)

    Omgevingsrecht (5e druk)

    M.N. Boeve; F.A.G. Groothuijse e.a. € 42,-

    Dit boek bevat de hoofdlijnen van het omgevingsrecht. Stapsgewijs wordt de lezer door het omgevingsrecht geleid, waarbij de doorwerking van het Europese omgevingsrecht op structurele wijze bij de verschillende onderwerpen wordt meegenomen.

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  • National Procedural Autonomy Revisited

    National Procedural Autonomy Revisited

    Franziska Grashof € 64,-

    This book examines the consequences of differences in national administrative litigation rules for the enforcement of the EIA Directive.

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  • Property and Environmental Protection in Europe

    Property and Environmental Protection in Europe

    Gerd Winter (ed.) € 68,-

    This book examines how the weighing up of property and environmental protection interests is determined by law in the EU and their Member States.

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