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  • Europeanisation of Public Law (2nd edition)

    Europeanisation of Public Law (2nd edition)

    J.H. Jans, S. Prechal, R.J.G.M. Widdershoven (eds.) € 52,-

    Europeanisation of Public Law is a study about the relation between European and national public law.

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  • De Omgevingswet: van kwaliteitseisen naar omgevingswaarden

    De Omgevingswet: van kwaliteitseisen naar omgevingswaarden

    B. Krot en R. Uylenburg (red.) € 32,-

    Verslag van de studiedag van het Centrum voor Milieurecht/ACELS van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, over ‘omgevingswaarden’.

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  • Environmental Democracy and Law

    Environmental Democracy and Law

    Gyula Bándi (ed.) € 89,-

    Concepts, theories and environmental rights may be valued through their implementation potential, and this forms the largest part of the book: how public participation is implemented in Europe – via the Aarhus Convention, within EU law and practice, and in national law.

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  • Towards Sustainability of Biomass Importation

    Towards Sustainability of Biomass Importation

    Andrea Schmeichel € 55,-

    This book addresses the conflict between climate change, other environmental concerns such as biodiversity, and international trade, focussing on the relationship between climate change mitigation and biodiversity protection in the bioenergy sector, taking into account the specific situation for imports from developing countries.

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