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Law of the Sea

  • The Maastricht Collection (5th ed.) Volumes 1-4

    The Maastricht Collection (5th ed.) Volumes 1-4

    S. Hardt & N. Kornet € 95,-

    This selection of national, European and international legal provisions covers the areas of constitutional law, administrative law and administrative procedure, criminal justice, European and international human rights law, property law, tort law, national and European contract law, civil procedure, private international law, company law, international business law and international tax law.

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  • The International Law of EEZ Fisheries

    The International Law of EEZ Fisheries

    Markowski, Marion € 40,-

    This study examines the international legal principles for effective EEZ fisheries management, and undertakes to assess their domestic implementation in a comparative perspective.

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  • European Fisheries Law

    European Fisheries Law

    Markus, Till € 68,-

    It is the purpose of this book to: (a) explain and make accessible the EU Common Fisheries Policy’s complex management and promotional regimes; (b) identify problems and failures in both systems; (c) assess whether CFP measures are coherent as well as consistent with higher ranking law, (d) find out how consistency between promotion and management can be increased.

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