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Public International Law

  • The Maastricht Collection (5th edition)

    The Maastricht Collection (5th edition)

    S. Hardt & N. Kornet € 95,-

    This selection of national, European and international legal provisions covers the areas of constitutional law, administrative law and administrative procedure, criminal justice, European and international human rights law, property law, tort law, national and European contract law, civil procedure, private international law, company law, international business law and international tax law.

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  • Introduction to Global Food-Safety Law and Regulation

    Introduction to Global Food-Safety Law and Regulation

    Dario Bevilacqua € 49,-

    An introduction on global food-safety law and regulation by Dario Bevilacqua

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  • Trafficking in Human Beings

    Trafficking in Human Beings

    Ana Isabel Pérez Cepeda & Demelsa Benito Sánchez € 32,-

    This book provides a comparative analysis of legal documents on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings.

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  • Environmental Democracy and Law

    Environmental Democracy and Law

    Gyula Bándi (ed.) € 89,-

    Concepts, theories and environmental rights may be valued through their implementation potential, and this forms the largest part of the book: how public participation is implemented in Europe – via the Aarhus Convention, within EU law and practice, and in national law.

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  • Parliaments and Military Missions

    Parliaments and Military Missions

    Sascha Hardt, Luc Verhey & Wytze van der Woude € 25,-

    Proceedings of a conference hosted by the Montesquieu Institute Maastricht on parliamentary involvement with military missions.

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  • The Convention on the Rights of the Child

    The Convention on the Rights of the Child

    T. Kaime € 48,-

    Thoko Kaime’s 'The Convention on the Rights of the Child: A Cultural Legitimacy Critique' looks at the protection and promotion of children’s rights through a socio-legal examination of the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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  • Internationaal en Europees Recht

    Internationaal en Europees Recht

    Wouter G. Werner; Ramses A. Wessel € 38,-

    Dit boek biedt een inleiding in de belangrijkste uitgangspunten en leerstukken van het internationaal en Europees recht. Het is geschreven als eerste, maar gedegen, kennismaking met het vakgebied, zoals die met name voorgeschreven is in universitaire bacheloropleidingen en enkele HBO-opleidingen.

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  • The Aarhus Convention at Ten

    The Aarhus Convention at Ten

    Pallemaerts, M. € 68,-

    The various contributions to this volume address synergies and conflicts across the three ‘pillars’ of the Aarhus Convention and examine the broader legal and institutional implications of these interactions for the development of both EU law and international environmental law.

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  • The International Law of EEZ Fisheries

    The International Law of EEZ Fisheries

    Markowski, Marion € 40,-

    This study examines the international legal principles for effective EEZ fisheries management, and undertakes to assess their domestic implementation in a comparative perspective.

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  • European Film Policies in EU and International Law

    European Film Policies in EU and International Law

    Herold, Anna € 89,-

    The book presents in a comprehensive fashion European film policies in the context of both EU and international law.

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