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Prospective authors are invited to discuss any book proposal with the publisher. Please send us an email at We are happy to consider any proposal in the area of EU law, international public law and comparative law. We endeavour to produce legal publications of the highest quality only. Proposals should be sent to us by email or by regular mail and should always be accompanied by a:
-a (draft) table of contents;
-a short description of the book;
-an author CV;
-a  timetable for submitting the final manuscript to the publisher, and
-an estimated word count.

Usually we require authors to submit their manuscripts according to our style guidelines. After accepting your proposal we will send you our detailed style and formatting guide.

It goes without saying that Europa Law Publishing provide for a tailor-made promotion and marketing of your book, taking into account your specific needs and wishes. We are happy to discuss any specific ideas on the marketing strategy you might have. We send review-copies and inspection-copies to academics and academic journals widely, visit conferences, fairs and academic booksellers. Europa Law Publishing has distributors and sales representatives all over the world. Our brochures are sent to more than 12.000 addresses throughout the world and are sometimes inserted in journals and conference packs. Our newsletter by email is sent on a regular basis to our target-group.

Unlike many other publishers we do not require that copyrights of the book are being transferred to us. We just require an exclusive right to publish the book.