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  • The Maastricht Collection Volumes 1-4 (set)

    The Maastricht Collection Volumes 1-4 (set)

    S. Hardt & N. Kornet € 95,-

    The Maastricht Collection comprises a broad selection of legal instruments and provisions that have proven to be particularly relevant and useful to students and practitioners of international, European, and comparative law.

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  • Extradition Law and Practice

    Extradition Law and Practice

    Stefano Maffei € 49,-

    This book provides a concise and clear description of extradition law and procedure and its case law.

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  • Omgevingsrecht (6e druk)

    Omgevingsrecht (6e druk)

    Marlon Boeve ; Frank Groothuijse e.a. € 49,-

    Dit boek bevat de hoofdlijnen van het omgevingsrecht. Stapsgewijs wordt de lezer door het omgevingsrecht geleid, waarbij de doorwerking van het Europese omgevingsrecht op structurele wijze bij de verschillende onderwerpen wordt meegenomen.

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  • Concise Introduction to EU Private International Law (4th ed)

    Concise Introduction to EU Private International Law (4th ed)

    Michael Bogdan ; Marta Pertegás Sender € 45,-

    The 4th edition of this concise book is mainly intended to be used as an introduction to the rules of private international law belonging to the legal system of the European Union.

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  • Mededingingsrecht (derde druk)

    Mededingingsrecht (derde druk)

    H.H.B. Vedder & J.F. Appeldoorn € 49,-

    Dit boek wil studenten op gevorderd bachelors en mastersniveau een goede inleiding op het mededingingsrecht geven.

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  • Integrated Environmental Permitting

    Integrated Environmental Permitting

    H.D. Tolsma € 49,-

    This book focuses on the efforts in Dutch law to integrate sectoral environmental permit systems to simplify and speed up decision-making procedures for the authorisation of activities affecting the physical environment.

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