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The Hogendorp Papers

Gijsbert Karel van Hogendorp, 1762-1834, is the auctor intellectualis of the Dutch Kingdom’s first Constitution (1814). To his honour, the G.K. van Hogendorp Centre was founded in 1996 to promote research and teaching of European constitutional studies, thereby combining the disciplines of European and comparative constitutional law as well as legal and political theory. The Centre is supported by the faculties of Humanities and Law of the University of Amsterdam and by the European Union through the Jean Monnet project. Presently, the Centre’s chairman is W. H. Roobol (emeritus Professor of European History), its director is W.T. Eijsbouts (Jean Monnet Chair in European Constitutional Law and History). The Hogendorp Centre hosts yearly international conferences on various topics, such as EMU (1997), Flexibility (1998), Ambiguity in the Rule of Law (1999), Europe’s Constitution (2000) and Direct Effect (2001). From 2000 the publication of their proceedings is in the hands of Europa Law Publishing.