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European Studies in Private Law

This series hosts academic publications of outstanding quality within the domain of private law, notably the law of obligations and property. The focus is on monographs and edited books concerning uniform and comparative European private law issues from a specific perspective (viz., theory of private law, policy analysis, law & economics analysis, legal history, etcetera).

The editorial board will first decide whether the submitted book proposal is suitable for the series on the basis of a research outline, table of contents and if necessary the advice of external reviewers. Then, after submission of the manuscript, the board will decide on the quality of the book as a whole. If necessary, the board will call in the opinion of external reviewers. Admission to the series is subject to agreement between author and publisher on the terms of publication. The editorial board consists of:
    * Nils Jansen (Düsseldorf, Germany)
    * Gerard McCormack (Manchester, UK) 
    * Jan M. Smits (Maastricht, the Netherlands)
    * Willem H. Van Boom (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)
    * Antoni Vaquer (Lleida, Spain).